lunes, 7 de febrero de 2011


Esta es la descripción en Inglés que Laura Gil, de 6ºA, hizo de su dormitorio.

In my bedroom there are two beds which are next to the window. There is a bedside table with three drawers between the beds and a pink carpet. On the bedside table there is a lamp and an alarm clock. At the foot of my sister´s bed there is a big wardrobe. It has lots of shelves and a space to hang clothes. Next to the wardrobe there is a mirror. On the right of my bedroom there is a desk with four drawers and a chair. Above my desk there are many posters and lots of pictures of my friends and family. On my desk there are some books, and a T.V. and a laptop. My bedroom is painted white and it has lots of pictures and some shelves where I keep dolls, DVDs and CDs . I love my bedroom!